Royce Key-Vault

The Royce Access Vault is a wholly Australian made and owned product designed to allow maintenance contractors and emergency services access to secure locations while minimising the risk of lost keys, or of having extra keys off-site outside of your control.

Rather than supply master keys to lift or security contractors simply store one set of keys in your Royce Access Vault and supply your contractors with a key to open the vault. If a key for the vault is lost the vault’s oval cylinder can be replaced simply and cost effectively.

The Royce Access Vault combines a low profile design with an ingenious tamper resistant cap to eliminate the risk of casual interference with the lock mechanism. The vault door itself contains an Australian Standard oval cylinder that can be keyed to high security systems such as BiLock, Lockwood Twin, Kaba or Abloy. The flexibility of the oval cylinder allows the vault to be changed to any key system, meaning that an appropriate lock can be installed for any contractor or organisation that requires access to a site.

Having to re-key an entire building due to lost master keys can cost tens of thousands of dollars! The Royce Access Vault enables you to store your keys securely while still allowing access to your building for contractors and emergency services! YOUR KEYS NEVER LEAVE YOUR SITE!